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A street photograph from Quebec City Canada

I don’t do a lot of street photography. My passion is the natural landscape and I’d much rather be exploring the natural world with my camera than strolling city streets. However, when I travel, I always carry my unobtrusive Fuji x100s and use it as the spirit moves me. Earlier this month, my wife and I spent a few days in Quebec City following a ten-day tour of the Canadian Maritimes and we walked a lot of pavement. Late in the afternoon on our last day there, we were relaxing in a tiny park near the restaurant where we had made dinner reservations when this very attractive young couple walked into the park and seated themselves on a wooden swing directly across from where we were seated. They paid no attention to us, but I was unable to take my eyes off them. From their behavior, I surmised that, despite their childlike appearance, they were newlyweds visiting Quebec on their honeymoon. I couldn’t resist making a couple of exposures. After testing the swing for a few minutes they moved on, still oblivious to my activity. I can’t help thinking they would have liked this photograph. I certainly do.

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